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  What I do...

Simply put, I'm a people photographer.

While there are nuances in techniques and styles; headshots, portraiture, couples/families, seniors, fashion, events... they all have the human element in common. Preparing for, identifying, and capturing a critical moment, emotion, or expression spans all those genres.

Of course, technical matters need to be attended to... defining shoot objectives, location selection, lighting, post production, etc. Each element is critical to achieving quality results. Getting those things right is often the difference between "just ok" and "great".

Given those things, I believe the intersection of technical proficiency and being in the moment with my clients is where the magic happens. If all goes well, the result is a great experience for those involved and the end product we all had in mind.

If what you've read and see resonates with you, please reach out. Looking forward to hearing from you!

- Quentin

...and more

Body decor for people of all ages! *

Favorite customer quote: "It just felt like a bunch of dots and air and swooshy lines. I didn't think it would look like this! This looks awesome!"

We do traditional brush and sponge techniques people commonly associate with "carnival" face painting and incorporate airbrush techniques often. In some cases, it's not just quicker, it looks a lot better.

We also do airbrush tattoos, which are more "action and water resistant" 

yet still removable with a good scrub. Custom logo stencils and paint colors matched to many Pantone colors can be created to support an event theme or corporate color, for times when accuracy matters.

Henna and Jagua are also available.

*The products we use are theater makeup/cosmetic quality for safety and great results. Airbrush tattoos will stay on in wet environments (e.g. pool parties).

Face and Body Paint / Airbrush Tattoos

Balloon Art

Everybody loves the balloon twister. It's true.

Favorite customer quote: "It's a dog. A giraffe? A monkey? Oh! It's a guy on a motorcycle!"

Sometimes things don't come together until the end. :)

Fast and simple to complex display pieces, our balloon twisters can set up a design menu that's just right for your circumstance, whether you're a school with 400 kids coming to the carnival or a retail store or restaurant who wants to offer something fun for your customers.

We are also able to create cost effective decor to dress up your event and add a little extra style and color... table or full size arches, columns, centerpieces, or displays. 

Photo Booth/Event Photography

Photo ops without the box.


Favorite quote (by me): "It's ok to wear the silly hat. It's a judgement free zone."

We do open air booths. I've always preferred the idea of flexible spaces and having a real photographer who knows what they are doing, to interact with, and capture images of guests. 

Traditional curtain backdrops are available as well as green screen and custom printed vinyl... or we can simply use a wall with colored lights

A selection of props is available for client use or we can use yours if you have items that are event specific.

On-site printing is available with custom overlays for your images... in your guests' hands within about a minute from the time the shutter snaps.

Lastly, roaming event photography is available. Sometimes you don't need entertainment, but documentary shots... materials for social media, or other marketing purposes. Not having to worry about being the photographer leaves you free to enjoy your event.